In April of 2010, I first discovered the world of film criticism through being shown a video of the Nostalgia Critic. Since then, I have grown a somewhat unhealthy obsession with watching every new film that I can get my hands on. Not to say that I haven't loved films since before that fateful day, as I have many fond memories of watching the Nightmare On Elm Street films and The Breakfast Club when I was growing up. Just that I didn't take them nearly as seriously as I do now.

Every film made during or after 2012 is eligible for review, and will also be compiled into a best-to-worst list of films for the whole year. Bear in mind that objective "good" won't play as big a factor into these films as you may think. Cinema, at least as I view it, is a very emotional art form and not everyone experiences emotions on the same level; far as I'm concerned, subjectivity is kind of required. As such, I try and make it a point to highlight not only my own personal feelings towards a given film, but also do my best to explain the reasoning behind those feelings. I'm not asking for validation or to be agreed with; all I care about is that my reasoning is understood.

I have no real specialty beyond the latest releases, as I have covered mainstream blockbusters, little-seen indie flicks, trashy b-movies, even porn; nothing is off-limits around here, both in terms of the films themselves and the topics I might get into in the process. That includes an acknowledgement that, sometimes, bad movies can be enjoyed alongside the supposed "good", so I will sometimes take time out to highlight films that are worth seeing for all the wrong reasons. Well, if there is such thing as a wrong reason to see a film in the first place.

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