Meta Month

Aside from reviewing media myself, I also like to take a look at other critics.

Blog reviews:
Mahan's Media
Movie reviews:
Freak Out (2003)
Press Start (2007)
Kickassia (2010)
The Angry Video Game Nerd Movie (2014)
Nerdquest (2014)
The Sarkeesian Effect: Inside The World Of Social Justice Warriors (2015)

Album/mixtape reviews:
The New CALassic by Cal Chuchesta (Anthony Fantano)
Starving Artist, Hungry Emcee by Masta Artisan

Book reviews:
Awoken by Serra Elinsen

Show reviews:
You Can Play This (The FamiKamen Rider Saga)

Top lists:
Top 20 Angry Video Game Nerd Episodes
Top 20 Anime Abandon Episodes
Top 20 Bad Movie Beatdown Episodes
Top 20 Atop The Fourth Wall Episodes
Top 20 Cinema Snob Episodes
Top 20 Diamanda Hagan Reviews
Top 20 JonTron Videos
Top 20 Music Movies Episodes
Top 20 Nostalgia Chick Episodes
Top 10 Worst Nostalgia Critic Episodes
Top 20 Nostalgia Critic Episodes
Top 20 Oancitizen Videos
Top 20 Obscurus Lupa Presents Episodes
Top 20 Phelous Episodes
Top 20 Rap Critic Videos
Top 20 Spoony Experiment Episodes
Top 20 Todd's Pop Song Reviews
Top 10 Welshy Videos

Catch-up lists:

2017 Part 1: JonTron, Film Brain, Todd In The Shadows and Lindsay Ellis
2017 Part 2: The Cinema Snob and Kyle Kallgren
2017 Part 3: Diamanda Hagan and the Rap Critic
2017 Part 4: Angry Video Game Nerd, Bennett The Sage and Linkara

Why I Hate Armond White 

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